Credo Group is an investment holding company.

Credo Group traces its roots to the mid 1980s as one of the original shareholders for Astra International prior to its IPO. Following the divestment of Astra International in 1992, Credo Group embarked on growing its group of companies. Over the next three decades, Credo Group established successful companies in the property, healthcare, automotive distributorship, mining, oil & gas, trading, finance, and services industries.

Credo Group has cooperated with numerous international companies from USA, Japan, China, Spain, Singapore, and Malaysia to build successful and sustainable businesses that provide employment for thousands of families throughout Southeast Asia.


Credo Group Is An Investment Holding Company Established By Mrs. Judith Soeryadjaya, The Youngest Daughter Of The Late Mr. William Soeryadjaya.

Mrs. Judith is well known for her contribution in helping Astra International to become the largest integrated automotive company in Southeast Asia. Astra International was founded by Mr. William Soeryadjaya (her father) in 1957. After finishing her education in France, Switzerland and USA, Mrs. Judith returned to Indonesia and joined the family business at Astra International. For more than twelve years, Mrs. Judith played key roles in establishing successful companies such as Astra Otoparts, Astrindo Travel, Emeralda Golf Estate, Medistra Hospital, Mobil 88, Federal Oil, Mitra Pinasthika Mustika and many others. Moreover, at that period of time, she was also the President Commissioner of PT. Bakti Paramita (MMC Healthcare) and participated actively in Ora et Labora, a Christian education foundation in Indonesia.

In the mid 1980s, Mrs. Judith started Credo Group while continuing to guide Astra International to become the most valuable enterprise in Indonesia. Following the divestment of Astra International in 1992, Mrs. Judith focused her energy into growing the Credo Group portfolio of companies, such as Melia Hotels in Asia Pacific, Amandari hotel in Bali, G-Resources, Laundrette, and many others.


The achievements of an organization come as a result of the combined efforts of each individual team member. Just as we believe that it is important for us to know who you are and how you approach your business, we also believe that it is important for you to better understand who we are and how we approach ours.

William Shane
Chief Executive Officer
Angelica Nathania
Vice Chairman
Roberto L Gaol
Chief Operating Officer